【 About True energetic system 】


Lattice Energy Design has developed

a new optical disc design

for high sound quality and high image quality.

True Energetic System (Trademark No. 570 1075)

is the name of a new optical disc design.

(References TAKEUCHI M, KAYO H.

Patent publication No. 2013-20687

(JP, 2013-020687, A))


Today, audiovisual media is diversified, and

various viewing environments ranging from

analog to digital are practiced.


In particularly, reproduction of audio files of

data files from media distribution via the internet

and downloading of files, etc. is a general

viewing environment and is expected to expand

in the future.


However, there is still viewing using physical discs

such as CD and DVD all the time, media and playback

equipment are continuously being produced both

domestically and internationally.


We developed a true energetic system to make

physical disc such as CD and DVD better quality

audio visual media.


True energetic system is a new optical disc design

with improved information acquisition and then sound

and image quality are stabilized enabling rich

playback. In order to reduce irregular reflection

of the laser light which obstructs obtaining information

from the optical disc, after cutting the outside edge

flat, black processing is adopted for the outside and

inside edge part of the optical disc and the label side.

Unlike existing optical disc design, this design has

accurate information acquisition and playback functions.


True energetic system is a new simple design physical

disc that is for users who enjoy high sound quality and

high image quality.


Information acquisition of optical discs has been

improved in various ways. This disc diffuse reflection

control specification is the first time for optical

disc products. For the coloring of the edge part,

we developed specialized equipment, making stable

processing possible. We selected the color in detail

and succeeded in obtaining high quality information

acquisition technology.


Physical disc is recognized through human senses.

The information contained in the disc will remain deeper

in human memory, affecting thought and impressing

the user. We feel strongly as a possibility as

a communication tool enriching the modern society

on future optical discs.

We think that it is important to preserve optical discs

as archives.


We hope that True Energetic System will be a boost

to further dissemination and conservation of

optical discs.


Lattice Energy Design


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