About protection of personal information


Personal information is a valuable and

important asset,recognizing that it is

a social responsibility as a business

operator to handle it properly and safely.

When handling personal information,

we will comply with the following items.



Collection of personal information

and purposeof use


In the process of business activities,

we may collect personal information.

In this case, we will inform you of

the purpose of use clearly and take

care to stay within the necessary range.



Personal information will not be disclosed

or provided to third parties except in the

following cases.


・When there is consent.

・In the case of disclosing / providing to

the agreement business operator within

the necessary range in order to provide the

desired service.

・In the case of disclosing and providing

information necessary for financial

institutions etc.

concerning payment collection concerning


・Disclosure / provision based on laws and

regulations is required.


About the safety management of personal



In order to maintain the accuracy and safety

of the personal information you keep,

we will take safety measures including

information security measures and take

appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized

access, loss, leakage, etc.


About correction, deletion, disclosure of

personal information


When there is an offer concerning correction,

deletion, disclosure about personal

information,we will deal appropriately.



Lattice Energy Design will comply with the

laws and regulations applicable to personal

information and will work on continuous

improvement to ensure the safety and

protection of personal information you keep.







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